What Is French Roast Coffee?

French roast is a way of represent the color of the roasted coffee. It is not a drink and it doesn’t matter where the beans comes from. The French does not means the coffee comes from France. But the roasting style of French roast coffee comes from France in 19th century. French roast coffee can be roast not only in France but also all over the world There are many kinds of dark coffee like French roast coffee but all of them French roast coffee is the best. To make French roast coffee the coffee beans have to roast much. After roasting the coffee it becomes dark like chocolate.

There is a specific device which is called Agtron meter. The device is uses to spectrographic analysis to rate the color profile of coffee beans on a scale of 0-100. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America French roast coffee has a Agtron rating between 28-35. The French roast coffee is bit lighter and darker.

What Is French Roast Coffee?

The Taste of French Roast Coffee-

Sometimes the French roast coffee referred as Turkish roast, as Espresso roast or as dark roast. It is also considered as double roast coffee. It is roasted in flavor and far acidic. It is insane, bold and very dark. This coffee is much roasted than normal coffee and for that it is less acidic.

French Roast is a very Dark Roast blend just like Italian Roast. Each has a unique taste to it. French Roast has a very deep rich, full bodied, and bold taste to it as it is at the extreme end of the Dark Roast blend coffees.

The Roasted Style of French Roast coffee-

French roast coffee is roasted much than the normal coffee. For roasting much the French roast coffee is looks like dark. While the beans are roasting to make French roast coffee the temperature is 464F or 240C. After roasting the beans its looks like dark brown and shimmering with oil.

The Caffeine Levels of French Roast Coffee-

Many people believe that French roast coffee has higher caffeine than the lighter roasted coffee. But in the French roast coffee there is less caffeine. The level of caffeine in a coffee depends on its roasting process. If we roast the coffee beans more than there is less caffeine. As the French roast coffee roast much so there is less caffeine.

What Is French Roast Coffee?

French Roast Vs Italian Roast Coffee

The Italian people love one kind of coffee very much than any other coffee. This coffee is called Italian coffee. This coffee is not plantations or Roast in Italy. This is called Italian coffee because Italian people like it very much.

The Similarities between the French and Italian Roasts-

  • Both of them have a robust flavor.
  • Both of them are dark.
  • French roast and Italian roast
  • Both have oily surface.
  • Both are roasting level are similar.
  • Both are oily

The Difference between French Roasts and Italian Roasts-

The French roast is notch lighter than the Italian roast. While the beans are roasted the temperature of French roast coffee is 240C on the other hand the Italian roast coffee temperature is 225C. The flavor of the French roast coffee is between berry to citrus and the Italian roast coffee flavor is charred and robust. The French roast coffee has higher caffeine than the Italian roast coffee.