Kona Coffee

It is one of the top prizes and rarest coffee within the world. Kona coffee beans are grown on the slopes of Hualalai, within the Kona districts of the island of Hawaii. The world is tiny but here produce world-class coffee beans and Kona coffee is one of them.

It’s one among the foremost expensive coffees within the world. Only coffee from Kona district is named “Kona coffee”. The soil of Kona district has an ideal condition for coffee beans. Kona coffee is hand-picked, hulled, dried and pulped. There are many challenges for growing Kona coffee.

History of Kona Coffee

The coffee plant was first bought to the Kona district by Samuel Reverend Ruggles Brazilian cutting in 1882. Within the 19th-century English merchant, Henry Nicholas Greenwell moved to the world in established Kona coffee as a recognized brand.

 In Kona, the tradition of family farms continued. In Kona, there are about 800 Kona coffee farms with an average size. There are produce about two million pounds of Kona coffee every year.    

Taste of Kona Coffee

The taste of Kona coffee is unique. Kona coffee is gentle on the stomach because it reduces acidity. Not only its taste is unique, but also it has excellent health benefits. For a cup of Kona coffee, you’ll expect to taste sugar, chocolate, honey, and a touch of a bright fruit flavour.

These coffees are bright, crisp and clean and smooth. It has a simple rich flavour. The taste of Kona coffee is better than any other coffee. If you have never tasted it, you can try it. Take your time to buy Kona coffee. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world.