Nowadays we can’t think of a day without a cup of coffee. Our day starts with a cup of coffee. We drink coffee from a coffee shop or make it ourselves. Many people ask does coffee go bad like other things. The answer is ‘yes’ coffee goes bad. How to understand that the coffee has gone bad or why freshness matters. There is no expiration date on the body of a coffee package. If we keep the coffee beans in the right conditions it remains good because coffee beans are a self-stable dry good. But the thing is to worry that coffee losses its flavor and freshness. 

Every people are always aware of the taste, freshness, and quality of coffee beans. But if you don’t store the coffee beans very will the coffee beans will lose their freshness and aroma. Not to worry because here we have compiled a handy guide on how to long to keep coffee, how to store it, and more.

How long coffee will last?

How long coffee will last depends on its forms, as well as how and where it stores. If you want to keep your coffee taste good you have to keep your coffee beans at dry, cool, and dark palace.

Whole beans coffee lasts the longest of all. Its goods practice keeping the coffee beans whole. When you grind coffee beans, grind just what you need for brewing. Whole beans coffee lasts for three or four weeks.

Brewed coffee can be stored for three or four days in the refrigerator. If you drink instant coffee you have to finish it within two weeks after opening.

What are the factors that degrade the coffee beans?

Coffee beans remain goods in the darkness and cool temperature, so we should keep in mind when we store coffee beans. If we do not keep the coffee beans properly it lost its freshness and high-quality taste. Here are some worst’s enemies of coffee beans-

  1. Light

When we store coffee beans in a glass jar it looks pretty good. But glass jar allows lights to come into it and roasted coffee bean goes stale when stored in direct light. So we should keep our coffee in a dark place.

  1. Oxygen

Coffee beans will be stale cause of oxygen. Coffee beans and oxygen do not mix. If we expose the coffee beans to the air it will degrade.

  1. Heat

The coffee beans do not like heat unless it is brewing. If we expose the coffee beans to heats it will lose its flavor. So we should keep our coffee beans in a cool place.

  1. Moisture

The humid condition will make the coffee beans bad. So we keep our coffee beans in a cool and dry place.

How should we store our coffee beans properly-?

Let’s know how to store coffee in the right way.

  1. Purchase the right amount: When you are buying coffee you have to buy a sufficient amount of coffee beans not much. Because coffee beans do not last after a few weeks. Buying too much can coffee lead to waste. Because we know the freshness of coffee beans does not last more than three or four weeks.
  2. Keep the heat and humidity low: Coffee beans do not like heat and humidity. So always keep coffee in a cool and dry place.
  3. Properly seal your coffee: Always keep coffee away from heat and air. Because coffee beans do not like heat and oxygen. Always keep the container in a cool and dark place.

Freezing your coffee beans is that a good idea?

We know that the main enemies of coffee beans are air, heat, moisture, and light. So freezing it’s for long-term storage is a good idea. But freezing your beans is not recommended. Coffee absorbs other aromas because coffee beans are soft and porous. This means that whatever smells are lingering in your freezer can be absorbed by the coffee. So if you freeze your coffee it will never smell or taste the same. We always like freshness and the best quality of the coffee. If we store coffee in the freeze the freshness and taste of the coffee beans will be decreased.

Always buy the right amount of coffee. Don’t buy much coffee than need.