There are different types of coffee. Some people like white coffee, some like black coffee. Today we are going to discuss the dark roast coffee. The dark roast coffee is almost black, with a sheen of oil on the surface.

Before, roasting the coffee beans are tasteless and have a grassy aroma. The beans absorbed the heats and changed its color, and the coffee is getting darker, and the roasting adds flavor and aroma. The taste of coffee depends on the roasting. The roasting process of dark roast coffee makes it smoother. You will get more caffeine, more brightness, and more fruit-forward, herbal flavors from a denser coffee bean.

Dark roast coffee beans stay longer in the roasting machine and at a high temperature. This means making them less dense, less caffeinated, and the beans will lose more moisture. The dark roast coffee beans roasted a long time to develop their oils and bring them to the surface; the dark roast coffee body will be thicker. Dark roast coffee can often be characterized as smoky, bitter, and burnt. This coffee has rich chocolate, nutty aroma, mild bitterness with a chubby body, and deep and sweet flavors. It is unique for its roasting process.

In dark roast coffee, there are less acidity will be found in the coffee beverage.